April 25, 2013 6:53pm

RegMed Investors <RMi> is the news portal focused on providing actionable intelligence, insight and pricing synthesis of stem, gene and cell therapy companies demonstrating real progress toward their vision and meeting quarterly expectation.

Our mission is unchanged from the day we were founded: that is to provide original, objective and timely equity analysis and synthesis. 

Creating original content and research analysis is Henry's consuming job and my intensity to "get it right" reflects ... his personal commitment, ethics as well as my SEC certification.

We provide a weeding of sector news to provide a customized, vetted selection of relevant and high-impact synthesis. Since 2001, starting as an independent reseach analyst; RMi has evolved to an online news and digital media publisher with a mission to provide readers with exclusive, in-depth coverage of stem and cell therapy companies, regenerative associated technology, and investing funds.

Our vision is to provide time sensitive intelligence and metrics to define the ever changing economics of regenerative medicine.We constantly leverage our research employing various methodologies, including fundamental, technical and qualitative narrative approaches. 

Now in our  thirteenth <13> year, RMi aggregates, curates and creates bottom-line content weeding of regenerative medicine, stem  and cell and gene therapy news to provide a customized, vetted selection of relevant and impacting synthesis.

We bring extensive experience in finance, capital markets, investment analysis, corporate operations and due diligence that defines our unique ability as an research/analysis provider.