There are those who need to know and want to differentiate the facts from the hyperbole. Subscribe to the “substantiated version” of the truth. The collective knowledge of who, why, when and what of it constitute good analytic principles.


There are those who need to know, want to distinguish the facts from the hyperbole and why arbitrate the evidence of the sector “noise” – subscribe!

Closing Bell

Momentum stocks are the most vulnerable.  Can you afford not to understand the mechanics of “our” universe? Don’t you want to know what happened, why and the pricing attached -subscribe by Sunday night to stay current!

Clear and Present Dangers

“Clear and Present Dangers” have become a public metaphor with various applications; mine involves the levels of executive compensation, salary, bonus, options, grants, payments for board participation and other bennies or reimbursed factors  that investors have a RIGHT to … KNOW! 

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