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Regenerative Medicine Earnings Scorecard - Q2/18 - to date

September 11, 2018

Q2/18 financial results also known as (AKA) earnings is a ‘scorecard’ of public stem, cell, gene therapies and editing, regenerative therapy and a couple of CNS and RNAi companies     Thirty-six (36) LPS,  four (4) net income and two (2) delayed or incomplete - Intrexon (XON) and MiMedx (MDXG) ... so far of 45 covered companies   The current LPS (loss per share) standings reflect the universes’ investing status; then add in their cash position and "runways" for a better snapshot! By analyzing these comparisons, investors can begin to gauge the financial health versus the scientific opportunity and whether or not it deserves their investment.  

Vericel (VCEL) gains as former competitor Histogenicss (HSGX) fails to meet endpoints

September 5, 2018

HSGX drops -$1.71 or -61.73% (from yesterday’s close of $2.77) as VCEL gains +$1.85 or +15.88% A “gift” for VCEL, MACI and ... another offering?

Gene editing stocks, time to harvest some upside?

August 17, 2018

I maintain as a short-term trading vehicle as there is more historical upside to “eat” through! Rebounding CRSP (+$2.94 or +6.25%), EDIT (+$0.87 or +2.99%) and NTLA (+$1.02 or +3.78%) are candidates; .... after Wednesday’s CRSP (-$0.80 or -1.67%), EDIT (-$0.53 or -1.79%) and NTLA (-$0.92 or -3.30%) 

Roll Call

The process of calling out our grading of covered companies to rank and review the facts in evidence together with analysis, opinion and objective recommendation.