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RegMed Investors (RMi) - Q1/24 Cell and Gene Therapy Earnings Scorecard Results

May 20, 2024

A scorecard of earnings releases of covered companies -  The current LPS (loss per share) or net income, revenue, cash positions i.e. "runways" is a reflection of this universe's investing "status". 30 of 35    

RegMed Investors (RMi) Research Note: Q1/24 earnings reporting dates, net losses, cash positions, revenue and runway outcomes

May 7, 2024

LPS (loss-per-share) releases will present challenges to share pricing with outcomes included 17 reported so far <RGNX, CRSP, LENZ, CRBU, VCEL, VERV, EDIT, AGEN, IONS, QURE, BEAM, SAGE, MDXG, ALNY, BPMC, AXGN, RARE)

RegMed Investors (RMi) Research Note: Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Medicine (OTCQB: HRGN) shares wrongful death lawsuit settlement with back story on Netflix

April 12, 2024

Watch on Netflix: “Bad Surgeon, Love under the Knife” a back story involving Harvard Apparatus RN (HRGN) … <  > formerly Biostage and Dr. Paolo Macchiarini formerly a world famous for his revolutionary stem cell-infused windpipe transplants.  “There's just one problem: His patients kept dying.” Also answers the question of WHY Biostage (BSTG) and its former Chairman, CEO Biostage and current board member David Green of re-named company paid $5 million dollars to the VICTIM’s family and they are trying to re-test the artificial esophageal windpipe yet again at two (2) locations! Are the remaining investors ready for the upcoming private placement of share increasing outstanding shares!