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Regenerative Medicine Earnings Scorecard - Q3/18 - to date

November 16, 2018

Q3/18 financial results is a scorecard of  (AKA) earnings of 45 covered  companies 37 of 45 by 11/16   The current LPS (loss per share) or net income, cash positio, "runways" and correlation of "street" expectations - it's a reflection of this universe's investing "status" Investors can gauge the financial health versus the scientific opportunity and whether or not it deserves their investment.  

Quarterly (Q3) results special: ADVM, HSGX, BTX, AGTC, ONVO, XON, BLFS, CLBS, PSTI, SGMO, STML and BSTG

November 9, 2018

Post reporting their Q’s; snapshots of LPS (loss-per-share) and net incomes - follow the bouncing share prices … A breakdown of reporting “figures” and commentary including Thursday’s closing numbers,: Adverum Biotechnologies (ADVM +$0.05), Histogenics (HSGX +$0.01), BioTime (NTSEMKT: BTX -$0.11), Applied Genetic Technologies (AGTC +$0.21), Intrexon (XON -$0.12), BioLife Solutions (BLFS +$0.16), Caladrius Bioscience (CLBS +$0.32), Pluristem (PSTI -$0.01), Sangamo Therapeutics (SGMO -$0.58), Stemline Therapeutics (STML -$0.36), Organovo Holdings (ONVO)  and Biostage (BSTG -$0.10)   Ben Graham used to talk about the stock market being a cross between a voting machine and a weighing machine   The market is still voting on Friday ...

Quarterly (Q3) results special: ALNY, CRSP, EDIT, OSIR, RGNX, SAGE, VYGR, VSTM and EDIT

November 8, 2018

Post Wednesday’s Q3/18 reporting – there are more downs and a few ups; ALNY (-$3.27), CRSP (-$0.37), EDIT (+1.26), OSIR (+$0.45, RGNX (-$4.57), SAGE (+$2.71, VYGR (-$1.92), VSTM (-$0.03) and EDIT (+$1.31) In the midst of a market rally, there is still pain … During “earning’s” season, traders vote by buying and selling shares, and in the short run; the trades are motivated by those meeting “street” expectation  versus LPS (loss-per-share) as compared to net income.