This code is designed to provide all employees of Regenerative Medicine Investors <RMi> with guidelines for appropriate reporting and conduct. It is a reaffirmation of enduring “Honor the Oath” values and practices.

The central premise of this code is that RMi's reputation for quality reporting, business integrity and independence is our oath and honor code.

  • Our facts are checked to be accurate, balanced and fairly presented;
  • Our analyses represent my best independent judgments rather than my preferences;
  • Our opinions represent my own editorial philosophies;
  • There are no hidden agendas in any of my analyst and journalistic undertakings;
  • Acceptance of individual responsibility is to uphold policies governing legal and ethical business practices;
  • Business integrity is necessary in every reporting decision;
  • I strive to make sound ethical judgments.

No written policy can definitively set forth the appropriate action for all business situations. This code emphasizes and clarifies a standard of ethical conduct that must govern all of our business dealings and relationships.