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Who Is Regenerative Medicine Investors (RMi)?

RegMed Investors (RMi) is a news portal encompasing original content and independent equity research  focused on providing value-added intelligence and insightful investment conclusions on stem, cell, gene therapy and regenerative medicine companies demonstrating real progress toward their vision while meeting quarterly expectation.

RMi aggregates, curates and creates bottom-line content weeding of sector news to provide a customized, vetted selection of relevant and high-impact synthesis. Since 2001, as an independent advisory, online news and digital media publisher; our mission is to provide readers with exclusive, in-depth coverage of cell therapy companies, technology, and investing funds. Our vision is to provide time sensitive intelligence and metrics to define the ever changing economics of regenerative medicine.

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Why are RegMed, cell and gene therapy companies overlooked by the investment community?

Coverage of RegMed companies are complex, difficult to understand, and require extensive clinical testing that results in multiple levels (PI, PII, PIII) data to be accepted by the medical community and federal health and safety regulators. 

As such, extended lead times are necessary to bring medical therapies and treatments to market.  What’s more, many clinical trials never achieve their desired objectives and therefore an end product does not result.  This means that the risks are high, but so too are the potential rewards. 

Given this scenario, a vicious cycle develops.  RegMed companies compete for attention with big pharma/biotech companies whose sheer size commands and demands attention. 

Because the source of funding for these equities comes from investment banks, the analysts who focus on this sector are often employees of the bank and their first loyalty is to ensure the best interests of their I-Bank client, not the investor. 

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Does RMi fill the gap in the marketplace for actionable content and research on the cell therapy sector?

RMi recognized the confluence of coverage forgoes the potential for investors to recognize significant returns on investment.   So we provide investors with value-added objective intelligence and insightful investment conclusions on a timely basis. We accomplish this by dissecting a company’s claims to separate science fact from science fiction. 

Doing so requires us to analyze a company’s releases and validate them to test for future possibilities, market conditions, regulatory and financial hurdles, competitive environments, and patient trial results to understand the resulting clinical data. 

We differentiate cell therapy and regenerative medicine companies to not just “divine” who has the best probabilities of a positive clinical outcome but “define” the data probabilities and pricing of the input.

We fill a void where there is a serious lack of coverage for mostly mid and small-cap companies. Currently, half of all public companies have two or fewer analysts, and 35% have no analyst coverage. Our research and analysis provide qualitative and quantitative equity coverage for investment recognition.

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How does RMi meet the challenge of small public companies to stimulate investor and investment banking decisions?

One of the biggest challenges small public companies face is the difficulty of obtaining adequate analyst reviews,  research coverage to stimulate investors and investment banking initiatives. In today's market, most sophisticated investors will NOT take management's word for a company's prospects.

Companies without legitimate analyst coverage tend to be traded at a discount of 20% to 30% based on the "believability" factor".

Since the ties were broken between investment banking and research, there are now few incentives for Wall Street firms to cover less liquid smaller-cap stocks.  RMi’s track record and model of disclosure responds to the need of those companies that are meeting milestones and reaching established goals. 

This process has driven capitalization in the past. We also have a list of references which we will provide to potential clients.

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How do the SEC and investors view this model?

In recent hearings of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Advisory Committee on Smaller Public Companies, the SEC said it strongly supports legitimate visibility, such as provided by RegMed Investors (RMi), to encourage legitimate market liquidity for smaller public companies as part of its Congressional mandate.  US equity buy-side investors also support the RMi model as part of their continued search for innovative investment ideas for potential institutional investors, and are looking for cost-effective sources of research coverage for companies that are not covered or are under-covered by analysts and financial media outlets. 

This is especially relevant given the reduction in research coverage by the sell-side firms with increased demand by corporations to obtain research coverage as investment banks and brokerage firms decrease their willingness to cover all but the largest most liquid firms.

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Define ethics?

Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath and judges take a Constitutional Oath. We strive for accuracy and completeness in our research from unbiased diligence and investigation. Our opinions reflect our judgment at a particular time following a comprehensive examination of changes due to economic, industry and company specific factors. To ensure governance, disclosure and transparency standards, our recommendations, reviews, disclosures and stock rankings are written in plain English and updated quarterly.

We will and do not have investment-banking with any client company.

Professionalism demands uncompromising integrity and RMi is committed to uncompromising professionalism. Our original content, news interpretation, synthesis and equity research will not sacrifice quality for quantity.

That's our oath to clients!

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How does RMi create analysis?

One of the first jobs is to create the selection criteria for matching our capacity and capability with a company. RMi's research is based on five (5) approaches: detailed diligence, skepticism, expectation versus anticipation definitions, objectivity and thorough investigation. We operate with an analytical discipline that focuses on physical (quantitative) evidence that is cross-indexed against the logical reasoning of intangible (qualitative) values.

Our discipline is enhanced by investigative practices which are honed by "past" experience. RMi researches reliable as well as conflicting data, analyzing the facts to define the competitive advantage.

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How are we different?

Writing orinal content, equity research and synthesis is a very consuming job. Our intensity "to get it right" reflects our “conscience” first, and second the SEC certification!  We remain open minded to contrary information as we initiate a thorough examination of the collected evidence to develop an investment thesis. Reason and deliberation clarifies Scimitar's investment approach to identify the value proposition.

Evaluations of the relative performance of any company can be an important tool in portfolio attraction and retention. Insightful research and thorough comparable analysis can assist in measuring and evaluating investment candidates.

On the surface, everyone's research is accepted; yet, the culture of analyst recommendations has been the subject of suspicion and even derision.

It is about timely, credible, intelligent and insightful analysis. Not just a regurgitation of public information. If there is to be an investment decision; you can depend on our quality of research and the share purchases it brings.

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What is the cost of our original content, research and synthesis products?                  

We offer a product based on subscription on terms of commitment.  

Subscriptions are priced by seat and quarterly invoicing is available, though most clients choose to pay annually. Individuals can be added to your firm's account at any time. Regardless of whether your company's subscription began 1 year or 1 day ago, you can be added within minutes. 

It's not something that we or a company should enter into lightly for "Trust" is a two sided street. We are quite explicit in defining the parameters of our remuneration. Contact us for parameters of remuneration.

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How is content, news and research distributed?

RMi distributes its original content, research and synthesis through our own proprietary news portal database to retail brokerage and institutional contacts. Our research reviews reach most  portals and major financial distribution platforms.

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Does RMi communicate with content publication?

Absolutely.  We are known by the company ... we keep and ... proud of our long-standing relationships with financial institutions, asset managers and other investment professionals.

What’s more, communication with retail and securities professionals, asset managers and institutional advisors is crucial for share value.  Attracting institutional support is mission critical investment activity as it helps define the "right" constituency - asset managers, high-net worth individuals, institutional and other investment professionals that will "listen", "buy" and "hold" on recommendation.  

The combination of any of these four groups can define a positive contribution to raising equity values.

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How does RMI define disclosure and transparency?

RMi certifies the views expressed in our reviews and fully support a regulatory framework that ensures "clear and prominently" displayed disclosures to maximize transparency standards. This is particularly important since we provide  analysis on  selected companies for institutional advisors and asset managers.

We adhere to recent guidelines defining disclosure of the independent source, solicitation and payment by subject companies. 

I, Henry W. McCusker, as an analysis, journalist and publisher certify that all the views expressed in these reviews accurately reflect my personal views about the subject company or companies and its or their securities. No part of my compensation was, is, or will be, directly or indirectly, related to the specific recommendations or views contained in this review.

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Who is Henry McCusker?

Henry is the editor and publisher who enters his 12th year with RMi.   

Previously, he was vice president of Strategic Planning and Communication at Curis, Inc. where he was responsible for the first restructuring and the second realignment. Henry worked with Hambrecht and Quist Capital Management (HQCM) focusing on healthcare investments (NYSE:HQH/HQL) from 1985 through 2001. He also founded LifeScience Economics in 1990, a healthcare research and analytics firm with offices in Boston, MA and Palo Alto, CA.

Past experiences include manager/director at Thermo Electron and Stone and Webster following five (5) years at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

A former military officer, Henry has been an adjunct professor at Boston University and Golden Gate University where he taught courses in venture capital, corporate finance and strategic development in the universities' graduate business schools. 

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Have recent regulatory initiatives affected RMi?

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently announced dramatic changes that made social media fair game for companies looking for ways to get information out to investors.  Scimitar meets this communications shift by providing investors with immediate access to real time intelligence and analysis via its website and myriad social media platforms.

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Define managing conflicts in creating original content within a news portal for share pricing?

We have a Corporate Code of Ethics and Conduct. These policies and procedures, as contained in our website, pertain to both analysts and issuers. Our Policy for Managing Conflicts in content articulates similar or comparable roles and responsibilities in equity research. We expect that there could be differences of OPINION, which is why we believe guidelines have been formulated since day one that can look at any situation fairly and make decisions that will be constructive to our mission.

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Where is RegMed Investors (RMi) located?

14 Niclolas Road
Hopkinton, Ma 01748

TEL ...617.559.1080
FAX ...508.358.8501

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How do I receive news or event alerts via email?

Subscribers automatically receive an alert as RMi news review, pricing evoltion and conten are released on our website.

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