News, whether actionable or not and share pricing are the starting points where the "eventuality" of an investment decision begins.

Traditionally, this meant sifting through analyst reports and newsletters printed days, weeks or even months in advance. Of course, by the time this information was printed; the opportunities of realizing price appreciation had evaporated.

RMi evaluates companies in the stem, cell and gene therapy RegMed (SCGT&RM) sector dissecting corporate "claims" separating fact from science fiction and validating the integrity of their existence. 

So pardon the pun – “where’s the meat and what is the price - now”?  RMi provides … facts, first,  fast and based on vetted information and corresponding data. 

We don’t try to out science the scientist, co-opt the management or fifty cent the verbiage to prove RMi is better than those who each day perform their tasks as best they can. What RMI  does is understand the short, near and long term potential of an investment opportunity. Investors and shareholders need independent verification and analyst reporting is one major source for confirmation that emerging companies are meeting milestones and reaching established goals.

RMi's ... Research Notes ... are based on an examination of collected "intelligence" and historical "patterns" combined with "seasoned" interpretation to develop a pricing probability and a “tight” synthesis that identifies the event orientation in the SCGT&RM sector