RegMed Investors <RMi> is the newsletter or portal focused on providing actionable intelligence, insightfull metrics and pricing synthesis of stem, gene and cell therapy companies demonstrating real progress toward their vision and meeting quarterly expectation.

Our mission is unchanged from the day we were founded: that is to provide original, objective and timely equity analysis and synthesis with an all-consuming intensity to "get it right" that reflects ... his personal commitment, ethics as well as his SEC certification.

RMi is now in its eleventh <11> year, having  started in 2001 as an independent <Scimitar Equity> reseach firm which provided time sensitive research/analyst reports that focused fundamental, technical and qualitative narratives. 


We bring years of experience <and some gray hair> in finance, capital markets, investment analysis, corporate operations and due diligence that defines our unique ability as an research/analysis provider.