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I post about “indication intelligence” devoting my time to collection and analysis of information for insight into sector vulnerabilities and strengths.


My writing is “that warning analysis is NOT a commodity.

However, there are times, when the likelihood of conclusions are inescapable!





Our hit/miss batting average well exceeds ... 82%. 


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Volatility, news. rumors and "runways" i.e. cash positions along with who needs to “tap” the capital markets for continued survival? 

How are enrollments going as to population and are they sustainable re drop-outs?

Has the data from on-going trials been interpreted as to render measureable and definitive outcomes? Is the company partnered to ward-off the issues of dilution and share depreciation!


And finally, trend analysis – does momentum’s magnitude, technicals and fundamentals indicate expected pricing performance in 2019?

Why spend time finding sector news and analytics … it’s all right here! Review daily indicators, factors and trend lines, advance/decline lines, pre-open indicator results and volatility and of the % count of decliners versus gainers.


Learn who is stumbling and what the mumbling means …


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