December 4, 2018 5:53pm

Goodbye ASH, some data looked good, some early yet, caused share pricing damage after some presentations

The IBB (-3.30%), the NASDAQ (-3.8%), the Russell 2000 (-4.4%) facilitated by increasing volume as the S&P 500 declined 3.2% to close at 2,700.06. The benchmark fell below its 200-day moving average, which triggered more selling from algorithmic funds; while sector sentiment shifted as the momentum moved to the downside


Pre-open indications: 3 HITs and 1 MISS



The 6 W’s: Who, what, where, when, why and what of it … a freebee tonight!

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde might make for a great read, but it’s far less fun when the markets act like it’s their blueprint. Stocks have lately been alternating between the horrific and the benign.


Daily analytics and metrics:

  • The Dow closed DOWN -788.29points or -3.05% to 25,038.14
  • The S&P closed DOWN – 90.31points or -3.24% to 2,700.06
  • The NASDAQ was DOWN -283.09 points or -3.80% to 7,158.43


From the pre-open newsletter: “presentations continue at ASH; how short-term is yesterday’s upside? Take any profit before it erodes and the market is closed on Wednesday!”


The advance/decline line scenario of 45 covered companies:   

  • The open was positive with an A/DL of 25/17 and 3 flats;
  • The mid-day slipped negative with an A/DL of 8/36 and 1 flat;
  • The close was negative with an A/DL of 32/10 and 3 flat;


Pre-open indications: 3 HITs and 1 MISS

  • bluebird bio, Inc. (BLUE) closed down -$2.85 – hit;
  • Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT) closed down -$1.17 – hit;
  • Verastem Oncology (VSTM) closed down -$0.37 – hit;
  • Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (PSTI) (PSTI.TA) closed down -$0.05 – miss;


Daily sector metrics:

… Greatest volume to the downside:  GBT, VSTM, SGMO, IONS and BLUE

… Upside volume was weighted to:  ADRO, FATE, MDXG, HSGX and FIXX

… Weakness ($) to the downside:  SAGE (-$7.49), ALNY (-$5.94), RGNX (-$5.79), BMRN (-$4.10) and RARE (-$4.10)

… Best moves ($) to the upside … FIXX (+$0.190, CLBS (+$0.10), ADRO (+$0.07), MDXG (+$0.040 and KOOL (+$0.0108)

The iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology (IBB) closed:

  • Tuesday was DOWN -3.30% after indicating a NEGATIVE -0.2% in the pre-market;
  • Monday was UP +1.15% after indicating a POSITIVE +1.74% in the pre-market;
  • Friday was UP +1.50% after NOT indicating in the pre-market;
  • Thursday was down -0.05% after NOT indicating in the pre-market;
  • Wednesday was up +2.71% after indicating a POSITIVE +0.66% in the pre-market;
  • Last Tuesday was down -0.3% after NOT indicating in the pre-market;



“When is a 10% gain considered riskier than a 10% loss? When the 10% loss is produced when the broad stock market lost 20%, and the 10% gain occurred when the market rose 20%. Why does that follow? Because, as defined by some financial advisers and other investment professionals, risk relates to lagging the market — “negative alpha,” in technical-speak. You might think that it’s absurd to consider a 10% gain as being riskier than a 10% loss. But that just means you’re using a different definition of risk: The possibility of loss. Welcome to the complicated world of defining risk <MarketWatch>”

It’s hard not to be confused when there are such varied, and often contradictory, definitions of risk!


The Russell 2000, which tracks small-cap stocks, dropped 4.4% to 1,480.75, marking its worst day since 2011. Trading volume in U.S. stocks was also higher on a macro level than usual.

The CRISPRS – CRSP (-$3.50 or -8.79%), EDIT (-$1.30 or -4.09%) and NTLA (-$1.88 or -10.28%) got whipped yet again

VERY slim upsides were led by FIXX (+$0.19), CLBS (+$0.10), ADRO (+$0.07) and MDXG (+$0.04) while Tuesday’s sector LOWS were HUGE with SAGE (-$7.49), ALNY (-$5.94), RGNX (5.79) while Monday’s big loser was BLUE (-$6.39) after Friday’s dip of (-$2.25).

Sector equities got squashed at the mid-day after a positive open and a solid first hour to close negative at the close.


Tonight’s percentage (%) indicators:

  • Review the range of the 7 upside from +0. 06% (FATE +$0.01) to +3.27% (KOOL +$0.0108) while the 36 downside ranged from -0.41% (OSIR) to -10.28% (NTLA) with 2 flat close (BLCM and RENE.L).

Volume stat:

  • 3 out of 10 upside had higher (than the 3 month average) volume
  • 17 out of 36 downside experienced greater volume (than the 3 month average).


December sessions:

Tuesday closed NEGATIVE with 36 decliners, 7 advancers and 2 flats;

Monday (12/3) closed POSITIVE with 10 decliners, 32 advancers and 3 flats;

  • In 22 sessions in November – there were 1 holiday, 10 positive closes, 1 neutral and 10 negative closes;
  • In 23 sessions in October – there were 17 negative closes and 6 positive closes
  • In 19 sessions in September – there were 10 negative closes and 9 positive close;
  • In 21 August sessions – 6 had negative and 15 had positive closes


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