March 7, 2019 8:00am

… Certainly not in share pricing

After another oversold session, the depth of volatility should determine some upside

Pre-open indications:  3 BUYs, 1 SELL and 3 TRADE


Companies need to ensure their visibility to retail investors and brokers to differentiate their platforms and assets with unimpeachable comparisons to its peer group!

I focus on indication analysis; an indication can be a development of almost any kind. Specifically, it may be a confirmed fact, a possible fact, or an absence of “something”, a fragment of information or even an observation. The sole provision is that it provides insight to provide some vision into a likely course of action.


U.S. stock index futures are depressed

Dow futures are DOWN -0.25% (-54 points), S&P futures are DOWN -0.17% (-5 points) and NASDAQ futures are DOWN -0.22% (-16 points)


U.S. stock index futures were lower Thursday morning as market players remain focused on U.S.-China relations;

European stocks edge lower amid trade uncertainty as European Central Bank (ECB) monetary policy meeting decision due;

Asia markets mixed as investors await US-China trade resolution


Data docket: jobless claims due at 8.30 a.m. ET; and consumer credit numbers released at 3 p.m. ET.


Thursday’s indications in the pre-market:

The iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology (IBB) is NOT indicating;

The SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (XBI) is NOT indicating

The Health Care Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLV) is NOT indicating

The iShares Russell 2000 (IWM) is indicating a NEGATIVE -0.05% DOWNSIDE



Give me some good old upside value!

As trade talks between the world's largest economies continue, there are fresh tensions regarding Huawei. The Chinese firm filled a lawsuit against the U.S. government, claiming the law which bans it from selling equipment to government agencies is unconstitutional.

Last night’s results format the “dailies” to what could be …

From Wednesday’s closing bell post, “the sector tanks as the IBB gets trounced -3.13%. Any upside was shallow (+2.93 or +$0.07) and the downside limited (-4.19% or -$6.32). Volume to the downside was also shaded (20 out of 39 of 45 covered).”

  • At the close, the advance/decline line (A/DL) was negative with 5/39 and 1 flat;
  • Yesterday’s upside: OSIR (+$0.03 after yesterday’s +$0.94), MDXG (+$0.020, CUR (+$0.0035), BSTG (+$0.07) and AST (+$0.06);
  • Yesterday’s downside: BLUE (-$6.32 after yesterday’s -$2.01 after Monday’s -$3.83), SAGE (-$4.71 after yesterday’s -$1.17, Monday’s -$3.43 and Friday’s -$0.24), ALNY (-$3.56), RGNX (-$3.15) and GBT (-$3.04);
  • 0 out of the 5 upside had higher (than the 3 month average) volume;
  • 20 out of the 39 downside experienced greater volume (than the 3 month average);
  • In March, there were 2 negative and 2 positive closes;
  • In the last five (5) sessions, there was a negative -3.74% aggregate


Companies in my headlights – It’s your decision; I provide an idea and context:

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY) closed down -$3.56 to $84.75 after Tuesday’s +$3.31 to $88.31 as its NVISION P3 study of givosiran, an investigational RNAi therapeutic targeting aminolevulinic acid synthase 1 (ALAS1) in development for the treatment of acute hepatic porphyria (AHP), met its primary efficacy endpoint and the majority of secondary endpoints but, had some side effects. ALNY has a positive +$0.25 or +0.29% aftermarket indication – Maintaining BUY;

CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP) closed down -$2.48 to $38.39 after Tuesday’s +$0.95 to $40.87 with NO aftermarket indication – TRADE;

Editas Medicine (EDIT) closed down -$1.01 to $22.63 after Tuesday’s -$0.18 to $23.64 with a negative -$0.51 or -2.25% aftermarket indication – TRADE;

Intellia Therapeutics (NTLA) closed down -$0.99 to $15.54 after Tuesday’s -$0.06 to $16.53 and has no aftermarket indication – TRADE;

BioTime (NYSEMKT: BTX) closed flat at $1.25 after Tuesday’s +$0.07 to $1.25 and Monday’s flat at $1.17 following Friday’s -$0.03 to $1.17. The vote and timing of the Asterias Biotherapeutics (NYSEMKT: AST) acquisition is coming – Maintaining BUY;

ReNeuron (RENE.L) closed down -$3.00 to $79.50 after Tuesday’s +$7.00 to $82.50 after Monday’s +$19.50 to $75.50 with 2.292 M shares traded after Friday’s +$9.00 to $$65 – Maintaining SELL;

Verastem Oncology (VSTM) closed down -$0.30 to $2.82 after Tuesday’s +$0.06 to $3.13 and Monday’s down -$0.04 to $3.06 after Friday’s +$0.09 to $3.10, VSTM has a positive +$0.07 or +2.48% pre-market indication – Maintaining BUY;


Opinions expressed are those of the author and are subject to change, and not intended to be a forecast of future events, a guarantee of future results, nor investment advice.

Whether information or intelligence is good, bad or somewhere in between; I put into context what is relevant and useful for investors.  All investments are subject to risks. Investors should consider investment objectives.

Henry McCusker, the editor and publisher of RegMed Investors does not hold or have positions in securities referred to in this publication.