June 28, 2019 8:23am

The session, the month and the quarter

I am sad to see the first half end on such a volatile note

The sector is what it is, until it isn’t and even then it doesn’t seem to be … when you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you!


The 6 W’s: Who, what, where, when, why and what of it … the real question is who is going to do what?


Dow futures are UP +0.31% (+82 points), S&P futures are UP +0.23% (7 points) and NASDAQ futures are UP +0.11% (+9 points)


U.S. stock index futures were higher Friday morning, as traders await a key meeting between U.S. President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping Saturday a.m. at the G-20;

European markets opened fractionally higher with the Stoxx 600 edging up + 0.3% higher during the morning session;

Asia Pacific dipped on Friday in anticipation


Data docket: there will be personal income figures, consumer spending and a core personal consumption expenditures price index released at 08:30 a.m. ET.



Today’s session’s end is NOT based on itself but, the perception of … what might com e to fruition; Saturday’s meeting will bring it together or not for July.

The world’s two largest economies have maintained firm stances going into the weekend, with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce calling on Washington to cancel its pressure and sanction measures on Huawei and other Chinese companies, while President Trump reiterated a threat to impose tariffs on all Chinese imports if talks fail <CNBC>.

Next week is a “deader” low volume and volatile moves - as a holiday spits the week and many head to safer places to hopefully eat and drink away the frustrations of the week, month, quarter and half!

We are just jumping from or out of one sand box and into one our toes can enjoy – that sensation does travel to your brain!


Don’t forget to start marinating those olives and white onions in the potatoes’ extract – its vegetable and health to the mind and spirit!


From Thursday night’s post, “: the expectation occurs after halting a sector slide; what are the drivers of the upside moves other than being oversold?”

  • The close was positive with an A/DL of 31/11 and 1 flat and 2 acquired;
  • The range of the 31 upside was +0.31% (PSTI) to +9.68% (SLDB) while the 11 downside ranged from -0.13% (ONCE) to -4.94% (RENE.L);
  • 2 out of the 31 upside had higher than the 3 month average volume;
  • 5 out of the 11 downside had higher than the 3 month average volume;
  • The iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology (IBB) indicator: Thursday closed up +1.38% after Wednesday closed down -1%, Tuesday closed down -0.21% and Monday closed down -2.13%.


Q2/19 so far:

  • In June, there were 8 positive, 1 neutral and 10 negative close, so far;
  • In May, there were 14 negative, 1 holiday and 8 positive closes;
  • In April, there has been 10 positive and 11 negative closes;


Companies in my headlights – It’s your decision; I provide an idea and context: post earnings release:

Let them (prices) fall where they may … volatility and volume are determinates without NEWS!


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