October 1, 2019 8:03am

It’s also I-Bank healthcare conference meeting time pre Q2 earning’s releases

The question is can companies sell an upside lift of their wares (platform) in a pricing and sentiment sensitivity period?

Lately, even interim clinical results have NO cumulative effect, some momentum but, it’s sold into – a lesson to be learned!

The sector is what it is, until it isn’t and even then it doesn’t seem to be … that is after a deep breath


My version of the morning’s numbers is written to be informative than just about changes to fundamentals; it’s what happened or will beyond the headline and what could happen to the close


Dow futures are up +0.20% (+54 points), S&P futures are up +0.19% (+6 points) and NASDAQ futures are up +0.26% (+20 points)


Dow futures, the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ were higher indicating a positive open;

European stocks reversed early gains to trade lower after a weak set of economic numbers out of the euro zone;

Asia Pacific markets closed higher as Australia slashes cash rate to new record low;


Data docket: manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index numbers will be released at 9:45 a.m. ET; construction spending figures will be out at 10 a.m. ET, as well as the Dallas Federal Reserve service-sector numbers.



In “our” universe price moving news is sparse or non-existent!

On the macro stage, trade delegations from China and the U.S. are set to resume trade talks next week. This relieved some earlier fears raised by reports last week that the U.S. has been looking at restricting U.S. investments in China.


Monday night’s newsletter heading: “it’s been a rough ride; yet, some of the oversold were recognized. Q3 ends in a tumultuous session after a rocky week with an Advance/Decline (A/D) line of 21/19 after Friday’s 14/27. The problem will be quarterly results being estimated, forecasted and missed, “

  • The NASDAQ closed up +59.71 (+0.75%);
  • The IBB closed up +0.20% while the XBI closed down -0.21%;
  • The close was positive with an A/D line of 21/19, 3 flats and 2 acquired;
  • Monday’s range of the 21 upside was +0.22% (FIXX) to +7.53% (RENE.L) while the 20 downside ranged from -0.43% (QURE) to -30.65% (HSGX);
  • 9 out of the 21 upside had higher than the 3 month average volume;
  • 4 out of the 19 downside had higher than the 3 month average volume;


  • September, there were 1 holiday, 11 negative, 7 positive and 2 non reported sessions;


Companies in my headlights – It’s your decision; I provide an idea and context:

*** I will wait until the first hour, to see which way or direction the session flows****



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Whether information or intelligence is good, bad or somewhere in between; I put into context what is relevant and useful for investors.  All investments are subject to risks. Investors should consider investment objectives.

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