October 21, 2019 9:27am

Q3 numbers are about to float or sink the sector’s pricing boat

Batten down the hatches!

News: Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (AGTC) reported new data from non-clinical studies evaluating the effect of pre-existing anti-AAV antibodies on the transduction and expression efficiency of AAV vectors. Results show that the presence of neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) to AAV in the serum or in the eye did not affect gene delivery, gene expression, or inflammation following ocular administration of AAV vectors. A fuller “story” in needed …safety and efficacy in X-linked retinitis pigmentosa and achromatopsia due to mutations in the ACHM A3 or B3 genes.

Insight is about understanding perception and is putting into context what is relevant to expectation fulfillment …


But cannot be imaginative in considering explanations for missing, confusing and often contradictory data while human analysis is able to identify one’s own biases and expectation of what the data might/should/could show!


Dow futures are UP +0.13% (+34 points), S&P futures are UP +0.38% (+12 points) and NASDAQ futures are UP +0.46% (+37 points)


U.S. stock index futures were slightly higher Monday morning; he moves in premarket trade come as investors continue to closely monitor global trade developments;

European stocks were mostly higher as traders waited to discover whether the U.K.’s departure from the European Union will be delayed once again;

Asia Pacific markets traded mixed as Brexit developments over the weekend created further uncertainty over the U.K.’s impending departure from the European Union.



Just WHAT is going to make our universe of cell and gene therapy sector gain momentum – a black box of algorithms?

Trading gains are just NOT sustainable!

President Donald Trump has said he hopes a trade deal between the U.S. and China will be signed by the time the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting takes place in Chile in mid-November. The two economic superpowers reached a limited trade deal last week, in an attempt to end a protracted dispute that has battered financial markets and hammered global growth. Both sides are working toward a comprehensive breakthrough.

U. K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was thwarted by a cross-party group of politicians in Parliament who voted to postpone the “meaningful vote” on his new Brexit deal. K. That forced Johnson to ask Brussels for an extension to the current October 31 departure deadline, but EU leaders don’t necessarily have to accept it.


Friday night’s newsletter heading: “escaping the maze of the oversold. The lesson of Icarus is that you should heed the advice of RMi.”

  • The NASDAQ closed DOWN -67.31 points (-0.83%);
  • The IBB closed DOWN -0.76% while the XBI closed DOWN -0.96%;
  • The close was negative with an A/D line of 7/33, 2 flats, 1 reversed merged (HSGX) and 2 acquired;
  • The range of the 7 upside was +0.11% (STML) to +8.46% (RENE.L) while the 33 downside ranged from -0.19% (MDXG) to -1.05% (XON);
  • 3 out of the 7 upside had higher than the 3 month average volume;
  • 9 out of the 33 downside had higher than the 3 month average volume;


  • October registered 7 positive, 1 neutral and 7 negative close, so far …
  • September, there were 1 holiday, 11 negative, 7 positive and 2 non reported sessions;


Companies in my headlights – It’s your decision; I provide an idea and context:

*** I haven’t changed …  follow the trading herd but … mindful of upcoming quarterly results  and their effect upon share pricing … BUY and get trampled in the coming sessions or SELL into strength or just HOLD and wait to resolve relieve the anxiety until value returns.



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