January 15, 2020 5:16pm

Where is the noise from the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, it’s in the machines humming and skimming the upside.

Pre-open indications: 13 HITs <SELL – ATHX (-$0.04), XON (-$0.40) and RARE (-$0.44) – to profit on strength; Lighten your “load” to profit – ALNY (-$0.43), BLUE (+$1.66), AXGN (+$0.21), CRSP (-$0.19), GBT (+$1.65), RGNX (+$0.81), SAGE (-$1.69) and NTLA (+$0.32); Outright SELL - RENE.L (-$2.50); BUY – STML (+$0.23)> and 0 MISS

It’s not hard to be right so often, it’s about refining expectation, defining insight and NOT being indentured to ANY financial institution! That’s why my “quantamental” blend of the two styles has become common parlance among investors and traders.

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