February 18, 2021 7:44am

Today’s market gauge: release of key indicators for the job market, housing and manufacturing data

Pre-open indication: 4 BUYs and 3 SELLs

News: AxoGen (AXGN) completed a pilot phase analysis for its REPOSE clinical study

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Dow futures are DOWN -0.61% (-191 points), S&P futures are DOWN -0.70% (-28 points) and NASDAQ futures are DOWN -0.95% (-131 points)


Stock futures moved slightly lower early Thursday morning ahead of the release of a jobless claims, a key indicator;

European stocks were flat

Asia-Pacific stocks were lower, as mainland Chinese markets returned to trade after a long Lunar New Year break as the MSCI’s index outside Japan fell -0.8%.


Data Docket: Headed the wrong way, U.S. jobless claims total 861,000 versus 773,000 estimates as markets moved little on the news, with stocks still poised to open lower. The total for the week ended Feb. 13 only marked a slight uptick, however, from the 848,000 a week ago. That number was revised up from the initially reported 793,000.



Economic data could be today’s cause of downfall reasons …

“Investors are also … closely watching price movements outside of equities, where Treasury yields are trading near one-year highs”


Caladrius Biosciences (CLBS) closes $65 M RDO (registered direct offering … https://www.regmedinvestors.com/articles/11768

Wednesday’s evening’s recap: “share pricing pressures; sentiment, fundamentals and earnings’ season are not in sink – result a froth” … https://www.regmedinvestors.com/articles/11773

  • The Nasdaq closed DOWN -82 points (-0.58%);
  • The IBB closed up +0.31% and XBI closed up +0.35%;
  • Sector volume was LOW with 3 of the 11-upside having higher than the 3-month average volume with the increased volume of 11 of 23-downside having higher than the 3-month average volume;
  • The CBOE Volatility Index (VVIX: INDEX) was up +0.04 points or +0.19% at 21.50;
  • Wednesday’s percentage (%) of the 11-upside were +0.11% (EDIT) to +13.74% (VSTM) while the 23-downside ranges from -0.04% (VCEL) to -6.66% (CLLS);

February: 7 positive, 5 negative closes and 1 holiday to date

January: 10 positive, 9 negative closes and 1 holiday


Companies in my headlights – It’s your decision; I provide an idea and context:

Maintaining Sell: Questions continue …

Biostage (BSTG) closed down -$0.12 to $1.97 with 4.656 shares traded after Tuesday’s  -$0.03 to $2.09 with 1,243 shares “pumped” following Friday’s flat at $2.12 with 88 shares traded after last Thursday’s +$0.30 to $2.12 with 800 shares traded. Reiterating …

Question#1: WHY does a company NEED to “PUMP” a stock if it is operating as a NORMAL public company?

Question#2: WHERE and WHEN is the NEXT financial officer coming, WILL this be number 6 or 7 to hold the position in four (4) years?

Question #3: Is there an “aha” action in the cards in regard to minority investors who are watching and waiting?



AxoGen (AXGN) closed up +$0.21 to $19.43 after Tuesday’s $19.22, following Friday’s $19.07 and last Thursday’s $19.37 with a positive +$0.37 or +1.90% aftermarket indication. From the title, analysis of the REPOSE study’s 15-subject single arm pilot phase demonstrated that subjects experienced a clinically significant reduction in pain from baseline at each of the 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-month timepoints following surgical excision of the neuroma and placement of Axoguard Nerve Cap® (p<0.0001). Specifically, the study observed a mean reduction in pain of 69 points at 3 months and 80 points at 12 months as measured on the 100-point Visual Analog Scale (VAS). Additionally, subjects experienced clinically meaningful improvements in Fatigue, Physical Function, Sleep Disturbance, Pain Interference, Pain Intensity, and Pain Behavior as measured by the validated PROMIS® questionnaires, and pain medication utilization data showed positive indicators for a reduction of pain medication burden, including opioids, following the procedure.

Ultragenyx (RARE) closed down -$1.23 to $143.11 after Tuesday’s $144.34, following Friday’s $150.26 and last Thursday’s $162.78 with a positive +$1.77 or +1.24% aftermarket indication;


SELL into Strength:

Verastem Oncology (VSTM) closed up +$0.34 to $2.82 after Tuesday’s +$0.11 to $2.48 following Friday’s $2.37 and last Thursday’s $2.38 with a negative -$0.07 or -2.48%;

Mesoblast (MESO) closed up +$0.24 to $10.42 after Tuesday’s -$0.42 to $10.18 with a negative -$0.26 or -2.50% aftermarket indication on Tuesday’s news of the Pediatrics (Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) publishing a paper on the first two children treated with Mesoblast’s mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC) product candidate remestemcel-L for life-threatening multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) associated with COVID-19.


BUY from SELL:

BioLife Solutions (BLFS) closed down -$2.84 to $41.40 after Tuesday’s $44.24, following Friday’s $43.74 and last Thursday’s $41.59 with a positive +$0.04 or +0.10% aftermarket indication;

CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP) closed down -$5.29 to $150.03 after Tuesday’s -$5.73 to $155.32 following Friday’s +$2.00 to $161.05 and last Thursday’s $159.05 with a positive +$0.85 or +0.57% aftermarket indication. After an earnings’ release, CRSP ended Q4 with a net loss of $30.5 million and FY20 net loss of $348.9 million with $1,690.3 million in cash and a 2023 runway.


The BOTTOM LINE: NOT much changes, still nervous as the Nasdaq yesterday took a hit -82 points or -0.58% …

Reiterating, “The short-term path to sector equities rolling higher is smaller ... to put it succinctly, earnings’ season seems to disengage buyers to wait for bigger dips pre- and post-releases to buy back into “our’ universe.

It’s STILL all about, the “bouncing ball” of market and sector momentum …

Many talk of horizons; “I said last week, my horizon is usually a Friday’s close …”

Again, “forewarned … earnings LPS (loss-per-share) season is coming quickly – my advice, trim and skim!”


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