March 5, 2021 8:16am

Buying into sector equities is about assessing risk with pricing sustainable

Pre-open indications:  3 BUYs and 4 SELLs

Companies mentioned: BLCM, BLUE BSTG, CLLS, EDIT, FIXX, NTLA

RMi’s daily report may say little or a lot; yet it serves as insurance that all indications are being examined and evaluated.


Dow futures are UP +0.15% (+46 points), S&P futures are UP +0.21% (+8 points) and NASDAQ futures are UP +0.17% (+22 points)


Stock futures rebounded slightly Friday,

European markets fell as the pan-European Stoxx 600 dropped -0.8% in early trade,

Asia-Pacific markets were mostly lower as the MSCI index of Asia-Pacific shares shed -0.89%.


Data Docket: February jobs report, economists expect to see that 210,000 payrolls were added in February, compared to just 49,000 in January.



Today’s upside futures followed a sharp sell-off triggered by Federal Reserve Chair Powell’s remarks on rising bond yields…

  • He said the recent runup caught his attention but he didn’t give any indication of how the central bank would rein it in.
  • Some investors had expected the Fed chair to signal his willingness to adjust the Fed’s asset purchase program.
  • The 10-year Treasury yield jumped back above 1.5% following Powell’s comments. The benchmark rate had stabilized earlier this week after a spike to 1.6% last week amid higher inflation expectations.

It's Friday after a painful weeek (especially my arm after getting my vaccine "shot", never happened before), let's walk away with share pricing dignity


Coming attractions: earnings’ release, Monday, 3/8 – MiMedx (MDXG)


Thursday’s evening’s recap: “the hole got deeper and bottoms became steeper; it could be time to crawl over the top and BUY, dollar blazing of some downtrodden and bottoms” …

  • The Nasdaq closed DOWN -274,28 points (-2.11)
  • The IBB closed down -2.41% and XBI closed down -3.22%;
  • Sector volume was LOW with 0 of the 3-upside having higher than the 3-month average volume with the volume of 19 of 30-downside having higher than the 3-month average volume;
  • The CBOE Volatility Index (VVIX: INDEX) was up +1.90 points or +7.12% at 28.57
  • Thursday’s percentage (%) of the 3-upside were +0.27% (SGMO) to +0.72% (VYGR) while the 30-downside ranges from -1.90% (KDNY) to -10.73% (MDXG);

March: 1 positive, 3 negative closes

February: 9 positive, 10 negative closes and 1 holiday

January: 10 positive, 9 negative closes and 1 holiday


Companies in my headlights – It’s your decision; I provide an idea and context:

Maintaining Sell: Questions continue …

Biostage (BSTG) closed flat again with 2,083 shares traded after Wednesday’s being flat at $1.63 with 32 shares traded, Tuesday’s -$0.01 to $1.63 with 275 shares traded, Monday’s -$0.01 to $1.64 with 1,838 shares traded and last Friday’s -$0.15 to $1.65 with 959 shares traded.

Question#1: Has the principal investigator, Dr. Christine Finck, MD, Connecticut Childrens (hospital) disclosed shares personally owned (?) whose lab was funded by multiple levels of a corporate GIFT, spending and reimbursements from BSTG. BUT the largest issue is … the IND financial reporting at the end of the filing – WAS her stock holdings listed?

Question#2: Doesn’t BSTG’s private placement and the many resulting TD Bank and Bank of America transfers been audited considering the  flow-through? Has the PPP loan via BofA been registered as debt for re-payment …. putting MORE fiduciary and transparency responsibility on the new board and audit committee member, Herman Sanchez and RSM US LLP?

MINORITY shareholders are watching and weighting responses to MAINTAIN their RIGHTS.


BUY the Bouncers:

bluebird bio (BLUE) closed down -$1.40 to $27.94 with a positive +$1.06 or +3.79% pre-market indication.

Editas Medicine (EDIT) closed down -$2.77 to $40.36 with a positive +$1.099 or +2.60% pre-market indication.

Homology Medicine (FIXX) closed down -$0.72 to $9.73 with a positive +$0.48 or +4.93% pre-market indication.


Falling Knives:

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals (BLCM) closed down -$0.08 to $3.77 after Wednesday’s $3.85, Tuesday’s $4.17, Monday’s $4.41 and last Friday’s $4.37 with a negative -$0.02 or -0.53% pre-market indication.

Cellectis SA (CLLS) closed down -$0.83 to $19.31 with a negative -$0.06 or -0.31% pre-market indication post earnings’ release.

Intellia Therapeutics (NTLA) closed down -$3.29 to $54.42 with a negative -$0.12 or -0.22% pre-market indication.


The BOTTOM LINE: Investors are still scared or “spooked” by conditions along with being job’s Friday …

I STILL am a “beware Man” whose focus has always been “warning analysis” … earnings’ season is NOT over … my advice, trim and skim … if one can!”

Also, adding to the optimism hurdles, prospects of the next $1.9 trillion stimulus package tripped its way out of the House of Representatives; however, the U.S. Senate is set to begin debating the fiscal aid/stimulus/relief package – in WHAT format will it be approved after warring political parties “grind” the package and the market’s optimism?

Many talk of horizons; “as I have said last week, my horizon is usually a Friday’s close …”


Opinions expressed are those of the author and are subject to change, and not intended to be a forecast of future events, a guarantee of future results, nor investment advice.

Whether information or intelligence is good, bad or somewhere in between; I put into context what is relevant and useful for investors.  All investments are subject to risks. Investors should consider investment objectives.

Henry McCusker, the editor and publisher of RegMed Investors does not hold or have positions in securities referred to in this publication.