March 10, 2021 5:38pm

Biostage (BSTG) closed down again -$0.00 to $1.50 with 1,505 - "pumped" after Tuesday's -$0.10 to $1.50 with 1,254 shares traded, Monday’s -$0.03 to $1.60 with 6,196 shares traded (pumped re promoted”), being flat Friday with 217 shares traded, Thursday’s 2,083 shares being traded and last Wednesday’s being flat at $1.63 with 32 shares traded.

Reiterating some serious questions that have yet and need to be answered ...

Question#1: About WHO, are the reasons of WHY have all these posts of questions been asked by PUBLIC shareholders and NEVER been answered emanated from –

Who terminated WITHOUT CAUSE the TURNAROUND team that focused the IND, questioned the “shadow” operations of the company, probed the financial structures of GIFT and research support expenditures, queried the shareholdings of research providers and investigators, enquired about the lease status (which could have been dramatically reduced) and ultimately investigated the cost structure of operations in addition to the financing and the “ODD” control of company of WHO was really calling the “shots” at BSTG?

Question#2: WHY and for WHAT reasons did this individual hope to perpetrate these conditions UPON U.S. public shareholders especially in relation to “misplacing or losing” many accounts payable and accrued and other current “liabilities”?

Question#3: Also, WHO and WHERE is the financial officer or principal accounting officer of the company – still NOT recruited as the Q4 and FY20:  8-K and 10-Q are due? JUST WHAT is RSM US LLP auditing?

Question#4: Don’t these questions of issues put MORE governmental, fiduciary and transparency responsibility on the new board and audit committee member, Herman Sanchez and RSM US LLP as to the potentials or the possibilities of SEC investigation(s)?

MINORITY PUBLIC shareholders are waiting, watching and weighting responses to MAINTAIN their RIGHTS.