August 13, 2021 5:45pm

Question remain UNANSWERED ... will a Q2 release answer any - it did, they're BROKE?

Maintaining Sell …

What about their Scientific Advisory <read more>

Biostage (BSTG) trading flat on Thursday with 50 shares traded after Wednesday with 50 shares traded following Tuesday with 4 shares traded, Monday’s down -$0.05 with 1060 shares traded and lastFriday’s +$0.05 with 709 shares traded.

Question#1: WHAT is the end game or play-book for this company, it has NOT done ANYTHING to monetize their asset of an approved IND with NO clinical trial initiative … so WHERE and WHAT is the value proposition?

Question#2: On July 9th an 8-K was issued saying “Wei & Wei and Co” was engaged. Are they registered in Massachusetts, not according to their website after RSM US LLP “walked” – i.e., “ceased their engagement”? So, when, is their quarterly earnings being released?

Question#3: Does VP of Business development and Operations, Shunfu Hu remember he left a "VOICE" message on a cell phone telling consultant he won’t be paid for work completed. Funny how many of other consultants’ billings have been “conveniently lost” - more than a few; doesn’t that also involved “mis-characterizing” the financials for a year and a half?

Question#4: WHAT is the status of the $1,000,000 “gift” to Connecticut Childrens (hospital) where the CEO, James Schmerling of this hospital is a board of director member and $429 ,500.00 is still OWED (that is NOT listed as a payable in financials by BSTG, that is all but broke?

Question#5: BSTG has already admitted, with the inclusion of a disclosure (from reading) in a past 10-K, “identified a material weakness in our internal control over financial reporting. Our ability to remediate this, our discovery of additional weaknesses, and our ability to achieve and maintain effective control over financial reporting, could adversely affect our results of operations, our stock price and investor confidence in our company.”

Question#6: Does it also put MORE fiduciary and transparency responsibility on board and audit committee members, Herman Sanchez of Trinity Consulting and James Schmerling of Connecticut Children’s (hospital) be more than concerned with their potential liabilities and loss?


Follow-on Questions:

It’s funny how all this could have been AVOIDED by the Chinese management team just being HONEST with those who consulted/assisted them in times of IND filing peril; is the REAL blame on their “ADVISORS”?

WHAT reflection or “shade’ will be placed upon their Scientific Advisory: Dr. Stephen F Badylak, DVM, PhD, MD; Dr. Joseph P. Vacanti, MD; Dr. Charles S. Cox, Jr and DR. Christine Finck, MD, FACS and lets NOT forget William (BILL) Fodor , PhD - the Chief Scienfic Officer?


BSTG reported Q2 earnings: a -$382 K net loss, or -$0.04 per share; $451 in cash with a runway until Q2/2021


MINORITY PUBLIC shareholders are waiting for the specific time, watching and weighing responses to MAINTAIN their RIGHTS.