November 24, 2021 5:08pm

The sector closed up for the second (2nd) session after thirteen (13) session downslides

Pre-open indication results: 1 HIT, 3 MISS

The Biostage (BSTG) Chronicles: Wednesday closed flat with 15 shares traded after Tuesday closed $0.00 with 0 shares traded and Monday closed down -$0.30 to $2.30 with 1,141 shares traded. When are they going to do something about the current management? Faking it until they can’t make it!

Who else is tracking a broad representative of cell and gene therapy equities – with facts supported by real numbers?

If I have learned one thing as a former research analyst, venture and public markets investor to a journalist and pundit; it is that your life and your bank account are largely tied to your questioning of price targets.

The Dow closed DOWN -9.42 points (-0.03%); the S&P closed UP +10.76 points (+0.23%) while the Nasdaq closed UP +70.09 points (+0.44%)



Indexes pushed modestly higher on Wednesday as the recent jump in bond yields took a breather, allowing the stem, cell and gene therapy equities continue to appreciate.

The divided market has left the Dow in the green for the week so far, the S&P 500 little changed and the Nasdaq down more than 1%, even with Wednesday’s move. <CNBC>

U.S. markets are closed Thursday for Thanksgiving and will close early on Friday in a shortened session.

The market, however did receive some positive news on the economic front.


Economic Data Docket: Initial jobless claims for the prior week came in at 199,000, the lowest level in more than 50 years.

  • GDP growth for Q3 was revised up slightly to 2.1%, though economists expected it to rise to 2.2%. Personal income and consumer spending both rose more than expected.
  • The data was not uniformly positive, however, as durable goods orders showed an unexpected decline in October, according to the Census Bureau. Core PCE, the Fed’s preferred inflation measure, was up 4.1% year over year for October, matching estimates.
  • Following those data releases, the Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow tracker for Q4 growth rose to 8.6% from 8.2%.


RegMed/Stem/Cell and Gene therapy’s 35 covered equities’ Advance/Decline (A/D) lines: what’s happening …

  • Wednesday opened negative at 4 ups/28 downs, 2 flats and 1 acquired, flipped positive at the mid-day at 18/14, 1 flat and 1 acquired, ending with a barely positive close of 23 ups/10 downs, 1 flat and 1 acquired;


RegMed Investors’ (RMi) pre-open: “Happy Thanksgiving, got to go” …


Pre-open indication results: 1 HIT: < Biostage (BSTG -$0.00)> and 3 MISS <CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP +$0.84), Applied Genetic Technologies (AGTC +$0.05), Fate Therapeutics (FATE +$2.23)>  


The Biostage (BSTG) Chronicles: Wednesday closed flat with 15 shares traded, Tuesday closed $0.00 with 0 shares traded following Monday closed down again -$0.30 with 1,141 shares traded, Friday’s -$0.39 to $2.60 with 8,625 shares traded after Thursday closed with 17 shares traded, Wednesday’s $0.00 with 2,889 shares traded. Where is the SEC and Nasdaq monitoring?

  • WHY pump the share price with NO clinical trial from a one (1) and 3/4-year-old IND and a negligence rejection of reimbursement in a terminal death suit.
  • What’s there to invest in, the “Sword of Damocles” hanging over the companies non-going operations?


Key Metric - volume

Sector volume HIGHER with 8 of the 23-upside having higher than the 3-month average volume with INCREASING volume of 1 of 10-downside having higher than the 3-month average volume;


There are clear winners and losers

Jumping with share pricing momentum (10 of 23):

  • Fate Therapeutics (FATE +$2.23 after Tuesday’s -$0.26 and Monday’s -$3.52),
  • Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY +$1.65 after Tuesday’s +$0.14 and Monday’s +$6.01),
  • uniQure NV (QURE +$0.97 after Tuesday’s -$0.70 and Monday’s -$0.82),
  • CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP +$0.84 after Tuesday’s -$0.51),
  • Ultragenyx (RARE +$0.58 after Tuesday’s -$0.62 and Monday’s -$01.70),
  • Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics (BCLI +$0.46 after Tuesday’s +$0.16),
  • Precigen (PGEN +$0.42),
  • Cellectis SA (CLLS +$0.38),
  • Sage Therapeutics (SAGE +$0.27 after Tuesday’s -$0.17 and Monday’s -$0.99),
  • Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT +$0.26 after Tuesday’s -$0.32 and Monday’s -$1.06),

Hammered in today’s market (10 of 10):

  • BioLife Solutions (BLFS -$1.62),
  • Editas Medicine (EDIT -$0.71 after Tuesday’s +$0.15 and Monday’s -$1.49),
  • Regenxbio (RGNX -$0.66 after Tuesday’s +$0.15 and Monday’s +$0.21),
  • Ionis Pharmaceuticals (IONS -$0.57 after Tuesday’s -$0.32 and Monday’s -$1.34),
  • ReNeuron (RENE.L -$0.50 after Tuesday’s -$4.50 and Monday’s +$1.00),
  • Intellia Therapeutics (NTLA -$0.49 after Tuesday’s -$8.69 and Monday’s -$4.78),
  • Chinook Therapeutics (KDNY -$0.41 after Tuesday’s +$1.13),
  • Vericel (VCEL -$0.41),
  • Mesoblast (MESO -$0.09 after Tuesday’s +$0.22 and Monday’s +$0.01),
  • Verastem (VSTM -$0.04),

Closing Flat:

  • 1 – Biostage (BSTG) and 1 - Stemline Therapeutics (STML) – acquired



The iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology (IBB) and the SPDR S&P ETF (XBI) indicators:

  • Wednesday, the IBB closed UP +0.25% and XBI closed up +0.56%

The CBOE Volatility Index (VVIX: INDEX) tracked:

  • Wednesday was down -0.80 points or -4.13% at 14.58


November, the second month of Q4/21:

Wednesday closed positive with 23 incliners, 10 decliners, 1 flat and 1 acquired

Tuesday closed positive with 17 incliners, 16 decliners, 1 flat and 1 acquired

Monday (11/22) closed negative with 6 incliners, 28 decliners and 1 acquired


The BOTTOM LINE:  a ray of sunshine on the sector as a bottom was finally found.

The stem, cell and gene therapy sector ended higher on Wednesday, lifted by gains in Fate Therapeutics (FATE +4.27%) and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY +0.88%) – the top performers, while BioLife Solutions (BLFS -3.55%) Editas Medicine (EDIT) were the weakest performers.

  • Q3 earnings reporting season began the tug-of-war between share pricing that is softer than usual and the usual LPS (loss-per-share) to be less than estimates and expectations.

Reiterating, “the stem, cell and gene therapy sector is still seen as vulnerable to extreme low volume moves in either direction, as share pricing risk stimulates their susceptibility!”

I’m STILL a “beware or the cautious man” whose focus has always been “warning analysis” … earnings’ season is NOT over … my advice, trim and skim any new highs if one can!”

WHY do I keep analyzing Biostage (BSTG): When one sees an inextricable wrong and morally repulsive scenario; it takes courage, resolve and patience to stay the course of asking the questions without response!

Who is defining the metrics for investors and keeping you notified of the sector and market fluctuations?  What I provide is a trusted source of share pricing intelligence – it’s more than opinion, I deal in the facts and numbers that back them up.



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Whether information or intelligence is good, bad or somewhere in between; I put into context what is relevant and useful for investors.  All investments are subject to risks. Investors should consider investment objectives.

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