January 11, 2022 5:42pm

Old news as regurgitated, in a recent press release “New Paper Shows Biostage's Esophageal Implant Regenerates the Esophagus in Piglets” on 1/10.

For the record, BSTG CAN’T treat birth defects in the esophagus in babies until they complete trials from a two (2) year old IND which have yet to start.

Dr. Christine Finck, Surgeon in Chief, Connecticut Children's Medical Center is NOT an independent investigator, she is paid through a grant awarded to BSTG and is also a share and option holder as a member of their scientific board. Also as stated, “Connecticut Children's Medical Center is also an investor in Biostage.”

Should/would investors trust BSTG as they continue to operate under a “cloud” after their insurance company rejected their claim for reimbursement of legal fees and terminal death suit costs?  They are also DESPARATE to raise money to operate and reduce possible personal liabilities of management and those they had indemnified?


Monday - “Pumping and promoting” up and away was Biostage (BSTG) which jumped to $3.23 with 1,760 shares traded early in the session then dropping -$0.03 with 2,076 shares traded sliding to $2.33.

Tuesday - “Pumping and promoting” up, up and away as Biostage (BSTG) jumped +$0.87 to $3.20 with 7,089 shares traded (3-month average = 1979 shares)