July 13, 2022 8:09am

Trading -$0.45 or -52.67% to $0.40 in the a.m. 

Closed down -$0.011 to $0.847 with an aftermarket of -$0.26 or -30.38% to $0.59  

What a JOKE, actually a travesty for investors! 

Underwriter – HC Wainwright & Co.

Draft prospectus … https://ir.agtc.com/node/11796/html



The Bottom Line: As of May 31, 2022, we had cash and cash equivalents totaling $51.9 million – WHT couldn’t they WAIT?

On-going concern?

Under a Nasdaq $1.00 listing pricing, going to the OTCQB?

WHO in management made this decision, CEO Washer and CFO Lieber should be relieved of duty?

Stupidest move in this market!

Also, with this level of warrants -- 2.5 M and underwriter 30-day option to purchase additional 2.5 M shares - should SCARE investors!