September 28, 2022 7:57am

Trying to HIDE end-of-year Annual Report (10-K) status and an S-8 registration Statement for proposed offering?

Still has a “going concern” status, considered good for the time being? It means its business is facing financial distress but is still able to make payments to keep it operating at least the next 12 months.

Recurring losses, accumulated deficit of $308.2 million and a fading share pricing at $0.30 with a 52-week change of -90.87% (low of $0.28 and a high of $3.295)

Is AGTC has filed for an offering proposing sale of 2,035,281 shares to raise $631,867.11?

The 10-K noted a 2023 loss of -$68.94 m or -$1.53 with $46.4 million in cash and a runway until Q3/23

While Sue washer CEO has a base salary of $575, 000. And just received a $185,055.00 bonus on 8/23


10-K (HTML) …

S-8 (HTML)…


The Bottom Line: Investors should read SEC filings, a lot of words but discerning readers know where to look and translate … the lack of AGTC’s managements investor appreciation!