April 5, 2016 12:00pm


In April, I am extending a special offer for you to receive 20% off a full year of RegMed Investors. 


At $800 this translates to a $200 discount off our standard $1,000 regular subscription price.



You have seen, read and appreciate RegMed Investors’  “conviction recommendations” on interpreted news, insight and actionable intelligence including a pricing metric.


I’ve made a commitment to provide need-to-know “facts in evidence” with first, fast, and furious editions of what’s happening in the stem, cell and gene therapy, and regenerative medicine (SCGT&RM) sector as soon as news unfolds!


Now it’s time for you to commit as well.  So I’m offering you this one time incentive!


Every business day, RegMed Investors offers you:

  • Critical Knowledge Ahead of the Market Open: Our pre-open round-up and thesis of the past day’s impact, settlement, and a prognosis of what could or should happen;


  • Interpretation, Insight and Translation: An exclusive look at how sector companies are evolving their platforms and trial statuses in an ever-changing market. Our deep-dive reporting of news and issues reflects ever-changing pattern analysis tempered by advance/decline lines as well as current tracking of evolving indexes and indices;


  • Capital Market Access: A run-down on not just which companies are filing for offerings, but also a complete analysis of their size and warrant coverage, At-the-Market (ATM) facilities, debt vehicles, and the price extended to investors;


  • Companies to Watch: The “stats”, latest updates, and "What's-the-Price" analysis of “our” universe’s latest news includes the break-down of quarterly (Q) and fiscal year (FY) earnings;


  • Actionable Intelligence:  Full breakdowns that highlight the impact of trials, developments, platforms, and partnerships;


  • The C-Suite Shuffle: An extensive ID on who’s in or out in relation to the executive ladder?


  • RegMed Investor TV show: Our new Sunday morning program debuts in April and will highlight the week’s happenings along with an interview with an industry leader, CEO, CFO or regulatory groundbreaker that will air on our site, YouTube and cable.


Each hour and day online, RegMed Investors provides you with the perception you need to stay ahead of the ever shifting SCGT&RM sector. 


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