October 24, 2016 9:48am

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ADRO has received notice from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that trials with investigational agents based on its LADD (Listeria-based immunotherapy construct) platform have been placed on partial clinical hold to pause new patient enrollment.

Patients currently receiving a LADD-based agent (except one currently identified patient, due to the presence of a pacemaker) are continuing to receive treatment, with several of these patients having been on study drug for six months or longer.


The Bottom line: The partial hold was initiated following notification to the FDA that a blood culture sample from an indwelling port of a metastatic pancreatic cancer patient who presented with gastrointestinal symptoms tested positive for Listeria, which is suspected to be CRS-207. The patient was administered intravenous antibiotics, subsequent blood cultures tested negative for Listeria, and the patient was reported to be doing well.

· ADRO is revising study protocols in accordance with FDA feedback, including the modification of antibiotic administration following treatment, extended patient surveillance, and, as a pre-emptive measure, exclusion of patients who are on or will receive certain immune-suppressive treatments or who have certain prosthetic devices.

·  Aduro will be providing proposed revisions to the protocols, patient consent forms, and investigator brochures to the agency later this week.