February 9, 2017 1:13pm


In either direction

I live it hourly; you get to read it




I follow the dictum, quoting Churchill that “short words are best, and the old words when short are best of all.”



U.S. equities traded higher at Thursday’s mid-day …

The NASDAQ is UP +32.30 or +0.57% to 5,714.65 and the DOW is UP +125.27 or +0.62% to 20,179.61.



A day in the life of the stem, cell, gene and regenerative therapy (SCGT & RT) sector – the advance/decline line scenario of our 43 covered companies:   

  • The open was positive with an A/DL of 27/10 and 6 flats;
  • 10:30 am, the sector stayed positive with an A/DL of 29/13 and 1 flat;
  • The mid-day continued positive with an A/DL of29/11 and 3 flats;




From the pre-open’s investor’s letter title, “The faster companies come clean on cash positions – we can get on with 2017’s upside or resulting downsides.

  • WHY, cash position identification? It means many of the sector’s “usual suspects” will be running to the capital market’s open window to get thrown out or jump to their depths through deprecation and dilution killing investor positions.

Fear is one of the prevailing themes in the SCG&RT sector as “our” universe has staged a steady, assault on any highs over the past few months – one of the issues is momentums short fuse, it’s lit and blows up, down and sideways.


As good, bad and early companies are fermenting and dying by investor suicide i.e. running out financings that depreciate in every offering!



Indexes, the ebb and flow:

  • The iShares Russell 2000 (IWM) indicated a negative -0.01% in the pre- open and was UP +1.41% at the mid-day.
  • The iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology (IBB) indicated a negative -0.50% in the pre-open and was UP at the mid-day +1.05%



Biggest losers, so far:

  • Biostage (BSTG) -$0.0777 – pricing an offering tonight;
  • Histogenics (HSGX) -$0.0591;
  • Northwest Bio (NWBO) -$0.051;
  • Capricor (CAPR) -$0.05 – still hasn’t gotten out of its “old” ways;
  • Vericel (VCEL) -$0.03 – still needs new product reimbursement;


Largest gainers:

  • Spark Therapeutics (ONCE) +$1.85;
  • bluebird bio (BLUE) +$1.15;
  • Juno Therapeutics (JUNO) +$1.04;
  • Bellicum (BLCM) +$0.79;
  • Cellectis SA (CLLS) +$0.68



  • Adverum (ADVM) at $2.85;
  • Cytori (CYTX) at $1.66;                                                                                                             
  • ReNeuron (RENE.L) at $2.45;



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Whether information or intelligence is good, bad or somewhere in between; I put into context what is relevant and useful for investors.  All investments are subject to risks. Investors should consider investment objectives.

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