November 14, 2018 6:02pm

The IBB (-2.03%) dived, the Advance/Decline Line (A/DL – 7/36 and 2 flats) degenerated with truncated volume as conviction and confidence sought new bottoms

Investors should be tired of a sector that can’t keep its “pants” up; when was the last time, investors saw a substantial BUY by a CEO of its company stock while down. Share pricing deteriorates as CEO pay jumps to tech level pay-outs (at least they have revenues). What management services are we paying for – as share values continue to decline?


Pre-open indications: 2 HITs and 3 MISS

Quarterly results: Cesca Therapeutics (KOOL +$0.03) and Neuralstem (CUR +$0.002) – before reporting, who wants to eat dog meat share pricing?


Who is defining the metrics for investors?

Some have stated, “I am the “weatherman” of the sector; forecasting and presenting conditions of the sector in a given period.”

WHO is protecting your portfolio’s value?


Daily analytics and metrics:

  • The Dow closed down -197.65 points or -0.78% to 25,088.84
  • The S&P closed down - 20.60 points or -0.76% to 2,701.58
  • The NASDAQ closed down -64.48 points or -0.9% to 7,136.39


From the pre-open newsletter, “the wolves of share pricing are pacing the herd –named, uncertainty, risk and sustainability.”


The advance/decline line scenario of 45 covered companies:   

  • The open was negative with an A/DL of 15/29 and 1 flat;
  • The mid-day was negative with an A/DL of 8/38 and 2 flats;
  • The close was negative with an A/DL of 7/36 and 2 flats;


Pre-open indications: 2 HITs and 3 MISS

  • Cellectis SA (CLLS) closed down -$1.34 – miss;
  • Editas Medicine (EDIT) closed down -$2.08 – hit;
  • Regenxbio RGNX) closed down -$3.69 – miss;
  • Solid Biosciences (SLDB) closed down -$2.12 – miss;
  • Homology Medicines Inc. (FIXX) closed down -$0.04 – hit;


Q3 financial results:

Cesca Therapeutics (KOOL) reported a net loss of $2.6 M, or $0.12 per share (22.1 M weighted average basic and diluted common shares outstanding) as compared to $2.3 M, or $0.24 per share (9.9 million weighted average basic and diluted common shares) for Q3/17 ending the Q with $2.2 M in cash.

Neuralstem (CUR) reported a net loss of $1.8 M, or $0.12 per share (basic), compared to a loss of $100 K, or $0.01 per share (basic), for Q3/17. Cash was reported at $5.7 M


Five (5) key metrics: 

… Greatest volume to the downside:  SGMO, MDXG, HSGX, XON and VSTM

… Upside volume was weighted to:  BTX, KOOL, BLCM, CUR and BCLI

… Weakness ($) to the downside:  BLUE (-$3.79), RGNX (-$3.69), ALNY (-$2.24), SLDB (-$2.12) and EDIT (-$2.08)

… Best moves ($) to the upside:  BLCM (+$0.16), ADRO (+$0.13), BTX (+$0.06), CLBS (+$0.03) and KOOL (+$0.03)

… The iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology (IBB) closed:

  • Wednesday was down -2.03% after NOT indicating in the pre-market;
  • Tuesday was down -0.4% after indicating a POSITIVE +0.06% in the pre-market;
  • Monday was down -3% after indicating a POSITIVE +0.06% in the pre-market;
  • Friday was down -2.21% after indicating a POSITIVE +0.08% in the pre-market;
  • Thursday was down -0.77% after NOT indicating in the pre-market;
  • Last Wednesday was up +2.3% after NOT indicating in the pre-market;



Sector equities fell on Wednesday as shares of Sangamo therapeutics (SGMO) plunged -$1.25 or -11.94%. An 80% decline in sector shares pressured investor into negativity … that is NOT going to stay the course when they REAP their entry point of initial share price purchase.

What more can one write or say with words - there meaningless ... as reasoning has yet to be defined!


Calling as it is ...

Crispers bounced hard after Tuesday’s ups: CRSP closed down -$1.72 after Tuesday’s+$0.31, EDIT closed down -$2.08 after Tuesday’s +$0.79 and NTLA closed down -$1.25 after Tuesday’s +$0.96; I kept telling many, they had become trading vehicles and they have been!

My beginning month “sucker’s bet financing call of HSGX continues to come to fruition - dived again on Wednesday -$0.04 after Tuesday -$0.04, Monday -$0.03 to $0.48, Friday’s -$0.03 to $0.51, Thursday’s -$0.54 and last Wednesday’s -$0.54 - still going nowhere but, down;

Applied Genetic Technologies (AGTC) closed down -$0.32 to $6.83 after Tuesday’s +$0.10, Monday’s +$0.35 or +5.22% to $7.05, Friday’s $6.70 and Thursday’s $7.01;

I’m STILL FRETTING about VCEL’s upside journey – Wednesday dived -$0.25 after Tuesday’s +$0.41 to $16.44, Monday was down again -$0.08 after Friday was down -$0.49, Thursday’s -$0.49 and last Wednesday’s +$0.44 ($17.09)– I’m still reminded me of the Icarus’ myth!


Tonight’s percentage (%) indicators:

  • Review the range of the 7 upside from +0.16% (BCLI) to +9.08% (KOOL) while the 36 downside ranged from -0.2% (FIXX) to -11.94% (SGMO) with 2 flat closes (BSTG and RENE.L).

Volume stat:

  • 4 out of 7 of the upside had higher (than the 3 month average) volume
  • 23 out of the 36 downside experienced greater volume (than the 3 month average).


November sessions:

Wednesday closed NEGATIVE with 36 decliners, 7 advancers and 2 flats;

Tuesday closed NEUTRAL with 21 decliners, 21 advancers and 3 flats;

Monday closed NEGATIVE with 40 decliners, 4 advancers and 1 flat;

Friday closed NEGATIVE with 39 decliners, 6 advancers and 0 flat;

Thursday closed NEGATIVE with 26 decliners, 19 advancers and 1 flat;

Wednesday closed POSITIVE with 12 decliners, 32 advancers and 1 flat;

Tuesday closed NEGATIVE with 22 decliners, 21 advancers and 2 flats;

Monday closed NEGATIVE with 35 decliners, 7 advancers and 3 flats;

Friday closed POSITIVE with 20 decliners, 22 advancers and 3 flats;

Thursday (11/1) closed POSITIVE with 3 decliners, 42 advancers and 0 flat;

  • In 23 sessions in October – there were 17 negative closes and 6 positive closes
  • In 19 sessions in September – there were 10 negative closes and 9 positive close;
  • In 21 August sessions – 6 had negative and 15 had positive closes



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Whether information or intelligence is good, bad or somewhere in between; I put into context what is relevant and useful for investors.  All investments are subject to risks. Investors should consider investment objectives.

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