June 21, 2022 7:51am

We are getting closer to month and quarter’s end, an earning’s recession is approaching

Pre-open indications: 4 Positive Indications – Sell into Strength, 3 Negative Indications, 1 Puff/Pump/Promote

RMi outlines a daily bell ringing of “indications” about what you need to know; it’s what could happen or materialize after the opening and what might happen during the session.

Who is defining the metrics for investors and keeping you notified of the sector and market fluctuations?  What I provide is a trusted source of share pricing intelligence – it’s more than opinion, I deal in the facts and numbers that back them up.

The 8:00 A.M., ET edition

Remember that overnight and pre-open actions in futures don't necessarily translate into actual trading in the coming day’s session.


Dow futures are UP +1.56% (+465 points), S&P futures are UP +1.71% (+63 points) and NASDAQ futures are UP +1.66% (+188 points) early in the pre-open – so far,


Stock futures rose in early morning trading Tuesday following a brutal week and a federal holiday,

European markets moved higher

Asia-Pacific markets were mostly higher



The stock market had big weekly losses once again, with the major indexes tumbling to their worst levels in more than a year.

Last week, the Dow sank 4.8% in stock market trading, the S&P 500 index tumbled 5.8% while the Nasdaq retreated 4.8%. The small-cap Russell 2000 plunged 7.5%.

Economic Data Docket: The University of Michigan is scheduled to publish the final read on its sentiment index for June; the survey's initial reading for June fell to the lowest on record as inflation weighs on consumers. Also, existing home sales on Tuesday, to gauge the health of the economy. Recent data showing low consumer confidence, falling retail spending and a cooling housing market have fueled recession fears as the Fed battles inflation at 41-year highs.


RegMed Investors’ (RMi) closing bell: “Bada Bing, emphasizing a run-up regarded as sudden; yet, not surprising. Volatility and inflation are taking its toll on investor sentiment is a set-up as a “perfect storm” in a combination of adverse economic, market fears and quadruple witching.” …  https://www.regmedinvestors.com/articles/12479

Ebb and flow –

Q2/22 –

June – 6 positive and 7 negative closes

·         May - 11 positive and 10 negative closes

·         April - 1 holiday, 6 positive and 13 negative closes


·         March – 13 negative and 10 positive closes

·         February stats: 11 negative, 8 positive closes and 1 holiday

·         January stats: 2 holidays, 1 neutral, 13 negative and 6 positive closes


Companies in my headlights – It’s your decision; I provide ideas and context: INDICATIONS

Negative Indications:

Caribou Therapeutics (CRBU) closed up +$0.38 to $5.55 with a negative -$0.21 or -3.78% pre-open indication.

Sage Therapeutics (SAGE) closed up +$2.50 to $33.86 after Thursday’s -$1.21 <52-week low of $27.36> with a negative -$1.69 or -4.99%,

Intellia therapeutics (NTLA) closed up +$1.54 to $42.09 with a negative -$0.18 or -0.42% pre-open indication


SELL into Strength although Positive Indications:

bluebird bio (BLUE) closed up +$0.50 to $3.56 with a positive +$0.09 or +2.5261% pre-open indication,

Verve Therapeutics (VERV) closed up +$151.to $12.65 after Thursday’s -$1.15 <52-week low of $10.70> with a positive +0.35 or +2.77% pre-open indication,

CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP) closed up +$5.36 to $70.00 after Thursday’s +$1.987 <52-low of $42.52> with a positive +1.40 or +2% pre-open indication,

Fate Therapeutics (FATE) closed up +$1.68 to $21.04 with a positive +$1.49 or +7.08% pre-open indication,


Puff/Pump and Promote: Maintaining SELL

Biostage (OTCQB: BSTG) closed up +$0.09 with 467 shares traded after Thursday’s -$0.20 to $4.30 with 1,254 shares traded, Wednesday’s flat with 0 shares traded, Tuesday’s -$0.40 to $4.50 with 100 shares traded and last Monday’s +$ 0.15 with 100 shares traded

  • WARNING:  Earnings reported a VERY SAD picture of a company’s status without U.S investors and reliance on non-U.S. Chinese investors. Another PPM -private placement – this one for $5.1 M without a price per share notification. Also, the terminal death lawsuit just got settled (4/28) for $6 M with a PPM – a preferred convertible debt financing.

BSTG filed a new 8-K re Harvard BIOSCIENCE  (HBIO) and in lieu of cash payment < https://app.quotemedia.com/data/downloadFiling?webmasterId=101533&ref=116769338&type=HTML&formType=8-K&dateFiled=2022-06-13&cik=0001563665&CK=1563665&symbol=0001563665&companyName=Biostage >

BSTG seems to always finagling a finagle and NOTHING is CLEAN and STRAIGHTFORWARD.

  •  is it the ONLY avenue to finance utilizing non-U.S. Chinese investors?
  • So, Has BSTG filed its Annual Report to the FDA, isn’t it a “Material Fact”?
  • Is yet ANOTHER financing on-going of 5+M shares being prepared to be sold?


The BOTTOM LINE: Investors may want to at least consider taking partial profits – when they can; we are approaching earnings season, no sooner did we finish than we start again.

I STILL haven’t heard the bugle sound of a sustainable advance or rally … rising rates and slowing economic growth are not a supportive environment for investors.

Again, as have I written (repeatedly), “There's a battle in the cell and gene therapy sector between which or what breaks first: share pricing resistance or tumbling into yet another downturn as fear remains beneath the strength of any positive close” …

This continuing state of volatility confirms fears that I have been expressing in these daily and weekly posts.

I have NOT seen ANY step-up of declining company investments by ANY CEOs and their management teams – WHY NOT?

I try to keep it simple … and short!

There is VALUE out there however, it’s about playing or betting the timing of the sector.

We are left with choosing to hang on to “our” portfolio position as it is a given that the sector shifts from fierce, sudden sell-offs to gaining altitude or ascending not to its value but, better than it was.

Whether information or intelligence is good, bad or somewhere in between; RMi’s daily report is a primer that may say little or a lot; yet it serves as insurance that all indications are being examined and evaluated.


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All investments are subject to risks. Investors should consider investment objectives.

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