December 27, 2022 7:45am

If investors haven’t reduced risk by now, you’re late

Pre-open Indication: NONE

A daily report may say little or a lot and its final judgement may be inconclusive; yet it serves as insurance that all indications are being examined, evaluated and reported.

I write this blog/newsletter to inform investors with facts and supporting numbers focused on what they need to hear that others won’t say or write about - truth!

the 8:00 a.m. edition

Remember that overnight and pre-open actions in futures don't necessarily translate into actual trading in the coming day’s session.


Dow futures are UP +0.63% or (+211 points), S&P futures are UP +0.58% or (+22 point) and NASDAQ futures are UP +0.37% or (+41 points) early in the pre-open – so far,

Stock futures rose into the final trading week of 2022 on Tuesday,

European stocks moved higher as positive sentiment continues in the final trading days of 2022,

Asia Pacific stocks also ranged higher.



We need to understand the macro to comprehend the micro re “our” universe of cell and gene therapy companies …

Friday, indexes oscillated with the Dow, S&P and the Nasdaq closing up at Friday’s close, ahead of the long Christmas holiday weekend, capping a week fraught with concerns over the Fed's restrictive monetary policy and related recession fears.

  • The Dow closed UP +176.44 points (+0.53%), the S&P closed UP +22.43 points (+0.59%) while the Nasdaq closed UP +21.74 points (+0.21%)

Due to low trading volumes, investors are expecting either relative quiet or further volatility during the holiday-shortened week. Markets are closing out a month and year defined by a surge in recession fears.

Economic Data Docket: November wholesale inventories and the October S&P/Case-Shiller home prices


Friday’s (9/23) … RegMed Investors’ (RMi) closing bell: “low liquidity and thin volume. My guide to 'good news seems to be bad news' and 'bad news is good news. 'In normal times, no one really questions whether good news in the economy is actually good.” …


Ebb and flow:

Q4 – December – 11 negative and 6 positive closes

·         November -1 holiday, 14 negative and 8 positive closes

·         October -1 neutral, 11 positive and 9 negative closes

Q3/22 –

·         September – 1 holiday, 10 positive and 11 negative closes

·         August – 1 neutral, 11 positive and 11 negative closes

·         July - 1 holiday, 10 negative and 10 positive closes


Companies in my headlights – It’s your decision; I provide ideas and context: INDICATIONS

I am passing on any Positive or Negative indications – “Let ‘em ride”!


The BOTTOM LINE: I try to keep it simple and short!

Be prepared … just 4 trading days remain in 2022.

Still, until December 31, it's not a good time to be buying stocks, especially cell and gene therapy sector names; investors may want to be cautious about making ANY buys.

If you want to trade, sector exposure should be slim, limited only to positions that are working; investors might want to take partial profits or simply exit some trades with a gain.

I’d be calculating selling for tax purposes amid the ongoing cell and gene therapy sector volatility, “our” universe’s trend remains " in a constant correction." That means that … lately we are investors are safer on the sidelines.

Insight is about understanding perception and also about putting into context what is relevant to expectation fulfillment,


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